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Whether allegedly due to drugs or alcohol, DWI is a serious charge that you need serious representation to fight.

We also work with Refusal to Submit and whatever other accompanying charges you face – no matter how many there are.  We serve our clients with professionalism and quality.  You need an attorney who is experienced and prepared to see the roadblocks and guide you through them.   We understand your choice in attorneys will impact you in the short and long term.   Your career, school, and criminal history are all factors to us.  Remember, under Arkansas Law you cannot plea bargain a standard DWI charge down to a lesser offense.   A trial is required.

You need an attorney who is willing to take it to trial.

Before you hire an attorney, ask yourself a few questions.  Does your attorney talk to you directly, or do you get the run-around when you call him or her?  Does your attorney know the student manual for prosecuting DWI – the same manual that the police officers are trained on?   This manual is over 300 pages long, and it requires constant study.  Does your attorney have a proven record of successful DWI trials?  DWI cases are hard to prevail on, you need your attorney to have extra knowledge and tools at his or her disposal.

Our pricing starts out at $750 to review your case and tell you what we think your chances are at trial and negotiate a plea.  While DWI cannot be reduced, other charges may be reduced.   After we go over your case with you, you then have the option of seeking a District Court trial or appealing to Circuit Court.   Our price and advice depends on your jurisdiction, the specific facts of your case, and many other factors that require a conversation.   Remember, a DWI charge cannot be dismissed with a plea – you must go to trial to win.   Our firm spends countless hours preparing and reviewing changes in the DWI/DUI law.   There are hundreds of ways to prevail on a DWI charge, and you only need one.

Give us a call at (888) OR-I-LEARN that is (888) 674-5327 for a free case evaluation.